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About Us

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We as ‘Nex Energy” promise to work continuously in transforming this world to run on green energy to give our life more comfort & trust.  Nex Energy company has dedicate its journey towards on transforming this world to green renewable energy & making easy transition all our life to clear & green energy life style. We always up for good things towards our environment. We believe that its our responsibility to save & protect our planet with our kind heart. It’s our duty to give back our mother nature what it gave us to grow this human kind all around the globe. We pledge to stand for green energy enevironment.. Will you?

Our Mission

To reach 1000 MW establishment in 2025. By this mission, we can eliminated 7,30,000 tons of CO2 produced by coal & other power plants which is also equivalent to 3,60,00,000 trees plants.

Our Vision

To see this world runs by sustainable green energy to bring meaning to our life.

Our Technology

Our brand products are completely produced with the help of sustainable renewable energy as an initiative for our vision.


Roof Mount

Any residential or business owners can make their consumables run at zero cost on electricity.


Ground Mount

For industries with a smaller roof, excessive shade, a ground mount solar system can be an excellent option.



Solar-powered pumps are becoming increasingly popular due to their cost-effectiveness and reliability


Solar Canopy

Enjoy a beautiful natural feature allowing you to go solar over your patio, driveway, dog run, or new outdoor space.

Why Choose Us

Certified Solar Installers

Our solar installer are quality certified personals to execute any solar plants towards clean result.


We continually strive to reduce waste and the emission of pollutants, recycle, and conserve natural resources.

Strong Workmanship

We provide high end workmanship to make your solar plant 100% long last & efficient.


We are committed to ensuring the safety of our systems and the well-being of our customers, community partners, employees, and vendors.

Simplified Solar

We pledge to offer you only quality, safety & efficient products solution to make your life easier to make transition to green & sustainable life.

Clean Energy Transition

Climate change poses the greatest threat of our time and we are working to mitigate the catastrophic impact of a warming planet on current and future generations.

Real-Time Monitoring

Real-time Monitoring

By Real-time monitoring, you can control / limit & analyze your solar plant. This can be helpful to know your plant life

Efficient Usage

Our solar panels & inverters carry high efficient & anti-lack features that provided your seamless output.

Seamless Tracking

Don’t need to worry on loss of data of your solar plants. All your solar plant data & tracking will be stored & protected in server

Performance Improvement

This tracking data helps us to analyze & improve working performance of your solar plant & can use to generate custom data to tune your plant for high performance.

Solar power in India is a fast developing industry.

India has installed 41GW of solar plant in different states.

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Nex Energy Solar

We as “Nex Energy” contribute to our Planet

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