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Concerns over internet privacy are something that Nex Energy Solar is aware of. We think it’s critical that you understand how we handle the information about you that we obtain online from you.

In general, you may visit Nex Energy Solar on the Internet without identifying yourself or sharing any personal information with us. Visitors’ domain names, not email addresses, are gathered by our web servers. This data is combined to determine the volume of visits, the typical time spent on the site, the pages seen, etc. This data is used by Nex Energy Solar to monitor website usage and enhance website content. Your use of our website indicates that you have given us complete permission to collect your domain names.

But occasionally, we might need details from you, including your name and address. When information is required, we will make an effort to notify you at the time of collection of how we will use the personal information, but we are not required to. Typically, we only utilise the personal data we gather to answer to your inquiries, complete orders, or provide you access to certain account information. On rare occasions, we could give other respectable companies whose goods or services we believe you would be interested in access to the email addresses of people who supply information. You will have the option to restrict access to your information in certain circumstances.If you don’t respond to our request to restrict access to your information, it will be assumed that you agree to the above-mentioned dissemination of your information.

You may receive consumer information about Nex Energy Solar offerings to meet your needs if you register with one of the Nex Energy Solar websites. You could receive personalised information by way of a technology known as cookies. A biscuit is a very little piece of information that a website may transmit to your browser and then save on your computer’s hard drive to help us recognise you when you come back. Your browser may be configured to alert you when you receive a biscuit. By registering on any online Nex Energy Solar website, you hereby give Nex Energy Solar your unreserved approval to send you such cookies.

We occasionally conduct online surveys to learn more about the requirements and demographics of our users. When we run a survey, we’ll try to let you know how we’ll use the information, though we’re not compelled to do so, at the time we gather it from you online.

You are aware of this, and you understand that you are under no need to give us any personal information; whatever information you do give us about yourself is done so voluntarily, with your full knowledge and agreement, and on your own want and choice. You also understand that unless you can prove to our satisfaction, within a period of fifteen (15) days of the date on which such information was provided to us, that the information was provided to us without your free consent, we are under no obligation to verify the source from which the personal information about you is provided to us.

Links to other websites, such as those of Nex Energy partners and affiliates, may be found on the Nex Energy solar website. Although we make an effort to only link to websites that adhere to our high standards and respect for privacy, we cannot be held liable for the information included on or the privacy policies followed by other websites.

By agreeing to the terms of the contract, you provide permission for the company (in this case, Nex Energy Solar) to send communications by any communication platforms, including SMS, Voice, RCS, and others.